Passionately Generous

My Life Investments

I serve as the Director of Generosity by LifeWay and Co-Founder of The Big Giving Fund.

Church Generosity

I have spent over 30 years playing some role in serving churches. It has been an amazing ride. I have enjoyed seasons as both a church planter and rural church pastor. I've served as full-time staff in large churches along with being a bi-vocational minister. Each experience has been crazy unique. All with valuable assets for my journey. For the past couple decades I have been solely focused in helping pastors resource vision. Growing generous pastors who grow generous disciples is what I tend to write about. You can check it out here.

LifeWay Generosity Blog

Personal and Family Generosity

My life hit its sweet spot when I ventured into the marketplace as an entrepreneur almost 20 years ago. I absolutely love starting things as I have launched both for profit corporations and nonprofit orgs. All of these ventures had one thing in common. My passion for resourcing people. When I moved away from my full-time vocational role as a pastor, it was an exciting exploration of how to best impact my family and community without the influence of a pulpit. This has been its own fun journey in generosity. You can check in out here at The Big Giving Fund.

The Big Giving Fund

Writing and Speaking

So You Know...

Speaking has always been something I really enjoy. Back in the day, people could have heard me delivering weekly sermons in the local church. It has been awhile since I have dusted off those skills. However, I do a ton of speaking mostly in the realm of thought leadership and training workshops.

As far as writing goes, I do a fair bit both formally and informally. I run a couple of blogs, do regular sermon series crafting for LifeWay, and have even written a book entitled, Leading A Generous Church. Truth be told it is more of a tool than a book. You can find it on Amazon. Feel free to reach out to me regarding any article writing, training, podcast guest, or speaking opportunity. I would love to support what you are doing if possible. 

Generosity makes us and others better. Live Generously today.