December 1st, 2016

Year End Giving & Thanking Tips

Give Concept Clipped Cards and LightsIt’s the time of year when church leaders are preparing for their year end giving needs. It is something most churches do even on a minimal level. The major driving force emanating from the church office is a high priority on making sure we are available to receive as many gifts as possible right up until Dec. 31. This year Christmas is on a Sunday, which is creating its own set of questions. Among the impacts will definitely be giving.

Below are some tips and be sure to check out the attachment at the bottom from Kimbia.

1. Celebrate each weekend (prior to the offering time) how well the ministry of giving has gone throughout the year at your church.

You can celebrate how great your financial picture is, tell a story of how giving has impacted a life, or highlight a great external cause your church is participating in this holiday season. You may even share a word of encouragement about how your staff and church leadership have managed the resources if it has been a tough financial year in your setting.

2. Be specific.

Be clear if your church has a specific need it is trying to meet, especially if you are requesting above and beyond gifts to go to holiday benevolence, missions, or a capital need. Most people are ready, willing, and able to give above and beyond gifts during the holiday season. They expect non-profits to ask and are waiting for the opportunity.

3. Be visionary.

People want to enjoy giving. They want to feel like their life is making a contribution beyond themselves. We really do not get a great thrill out of helping a non-profit dig out of a whole. We especially do not like cleaning up a financial mess made by leaders. Make the opportunity about impact and the giver, not the dire need of the organization.

4. Communicate regularly and repeatedly.

People generally attend worship services 1-2 times a weekend. Then they forget what was said on Sunday as soon as they get to Monday. Take your words from Sunday and craft them into an email or letter. You will probably need to send 2-3 points of communication into their lives during the month beyond what you say on a weekend. Do not say something different, but keep the message clear, simple, and repeated.

5. Be digital.

God will speak to people as He does and they will want to make a difference with their resources. Be sure your church is ready to receive a gift from a digital device on a random weekday night at 10 p.m. This is not a magical time to give, but I give over 90% of my gifts to non-profits during the weekday when the non-profit has no idea it is coming.

6. Be appreciative.

Giving is not about the church, the pastor, or its need. Giving is about what God desires to do in and through the one giving. Applaud the giver, cheer them on, assure them God sees and rewards. When we participate in God’s work, God’s way, we discover so many new things about ourselves and Him. Giving tends to do more for the giver than the one receiving, so be positive, appreciative, and affirming to all.

I hope these help or inspire you to new ideas. Make giving thankful, joyful, and purposeful this holiday season.


Click here to check out a helpful roadmap for your year end from Kimbia.



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