October 27th, 2016

Worth the Wait – the Story of FBC Taylor

rise-up-logoThe post below was written by Kent Vincent, Auxano Lead Navigator.

How long has your church been chasing a dream? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? First Baptist Church of Taylor, TX had been chasing the dream of relocation for 20 years. Each season brought them closer to the goal, but left them short in the funds needed to actually occupy the land purchased years before. In 2015 things changed! With ministries full of momentum and space maxed to capacity, it was clear that the time to revisit this dream was now. Desiring a different approach as they headed into this season, leadership began interviewing companies to help coach them through the process. Auxano was one of those companies.

The Auxano process was a completely different approach than anything else presented. When the Auxano team articulated a vision-based process focused on disciple making vs. chasing resources, “Fresh, but would it work?” thought longtime church member Jack Jordan. Kim Bruchner, Church Administrator for FBC, said, “We had been through several campaigns over the last 10 years and felt like Auxano would deliver a more holistic approach.”

With the campaign team assembled, Auxano providing direction and the wind of momentum at their back, FBC Taylor started once again to realize the dream revealed 20 years before. Like pieces of a puzzle, they assembled the corners first:

Corner 1 – Focus

As the team began to gain perspective by focusing on the journey to this point, an amazing truth emerged. The under-performing capital campaigns of the past actually were God’s provision for the future. Because of the faithful generosity of the congregation over the last 15 years, FBC now owned 16 acres of prime property completely debt free AND had amassed $1.5M in designated cash!

Corner 2 – Discipleship

It became clear that the process was going to be completely different this time around when Auxano made the following statements: “If you want to know when you’re going to fail – you’re going to fail when you chase the resources! “That’s not our job, that’s God’s job!”The historically awkward “money” conversation with key donors became a spiritual, disciple-making conversation. That was a change that energized Pastor Matt Hudson and allowed for significant buy-in from the congregation.

Corner 3 – Project

The team worked to clarify the project details, along with what impact those details would have on the congregation and community. What opportunities would this relocation provide for them that their current location would not? How will ministries differ in the new location versus the current location? Ultimately, what can FBC Taylor develop simultaneously alongside the campaign to insure that they will be prepared for any opportunities God opens up as a result of this relocation? That’s a holistic approach.

Corner 4 – Vision

Five years ago God began to stir a vision in FBC Taylor to be a congregation of spiritual “bridge builders” in order “to see the broken made whole in Christ.” This vision, now articulated with vivid language, drove the church to design a multi-purpose space in order to facilitate ministry seven days a week. Due to clarity of the vision, the building now became a tool to accomplish God’s dream for FBC. As this vision was communicated, hearts began to resonate with the picture of impact, and momentum already in motion became more intense. The result? There was no stopping this congregation as it began to “Rise Up!”

After months of detailed preparation, fervent prayer, open dialogue, fantastic communication, and the realization of God’s faithfulness historically and presently, the time had come to invest in this new future. While the dollar amount was clearly significant, the testimonies tell the true impact of God’s work. Team member Liz Odel testified that, “Unlike the guilt I felt in previous campaigns, I was overwhelmed with joy on commitment day.” With a desired goal of $1M in cash and pledges over 36 months, God created an unprecedented moment in the history of FBC Taylor by reaching $1.3M.

Now, with dirt being turned on a 20-year dream, Auxano is celebrating with FBC Taylor as they prepare for moving day

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