February 24th, 2015

Not Top 10 Characteristics of a Generous Church

True:FalseI constantly hear pastors bemoan why their church is not more generous. “Our people just don’t give enough” or “We aren’t a rich church” are the two most common replies I encounter. It is so easy for expansive generosity to be considered a gift for someone else. Before you write off your generosity potential, here is my top 10 list of non-characteristics of a generous church.

1. Generous Churches are huge.

False: They come in all sizes.

2. Generous Churches are filled with rich people.

False: They are filled with growing people.

3. Generous Churches are in the Bible Belt.

False: They are anywhere.

4. Generous Churches are older and more mature.

False: They are changed, focused, and passionate.

5. Generous Churches are growing rapidly.

False: They are consistently aligned.

6. Generous Churches are only about numbers.

False: They are about impact.

7. Generous Churches have a charismatic leader.

False: They are a led by a visionary leader.

8. Generous Churches are in big cities.

False: They are where a generous leader is.

9. Generous Churches have a large staff and budget.

False: They have a leadership pipeline and spend strategically.

10. Generous Churches have small visions.

False: They pray and live boldly.

Consistently I find that one characteristic above all others can be found every time you encounter a generous church – a generous staff being led by a generous pastor.

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