January 16th, 2013

Raising Hope in Vegas: The Big Journey

Vance PitmanRaising Hope in Vegas: The Big Journey

In 2000 when Vance Pitman put his “yes on the table” he had no idea the journey God would have for him. One morning, sitting at the kitchen table in the deep south, Vance felt compelled to tell God “yes” without ever knowing the question. This “Yes Man” would then go on the biggest journey of his ministry life. He moved his family to Las Vegas and planted Hope Church. Twelve years later, thousands attend on 2 campuses every weekend, multiple churches have been planted across the country, and the Hope Church team serve as leaders in global engagement. Yet the journey has been crazy.

They began in a school and outgrew it. They bought property and built a building, but out grew it. They moved back into a school. Then Hope bought another piece of property and built again. Along the way, the Vegas economy hit rock bottom, Hope Church lost their lending institution in the middle of a build, and they experienced an epic flood in the desert.

Vance has been a long time friend and is a great leader. We have asked him to share some leadership lessons about his vision clarity experience and how The Big Journey capital campaign helped guide this young church through many growth challenges. Here are a few thoughts he would like to pass on to you, his fellow sojourners.

  • KEEP THE MISSION THE MISSION: The construction project is not an end in itself. It is simply a tool to accomplish the end which is “making disciples”.
  • CONNECT THE VISION TO GOD’S KINGDOM ACTIVITY:  The importance of connecting the project to the “BIG” picture of God’s activity in the world. The building is simply a launching pad for God’s activity locally and globally.
  • GROW PEOPLE IN GOD DEPENDENCE: Understand the process is not fund-raising it is faith-building. The process allowed us to teach our people the principle of trusting God to provide financially in ways we didn’t see possible.
  • KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE: Establish a clear communication process to keep your staff team and people informed but not consumed with the details.
  • IT’S HIS PROJECT: Don’t be driven by dates and timelines. Always take next steps being led by the Spirit of God. Once the snowball begins to roll down the hill you can be driven by the project and not the Spirit if not intentional about this principle.

These are wise words by an experienced leader. Our hope is that they encourage you, providing re-direction for your own journey.

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