July 16th, 2012

How the Economy is Helping the Church

Finances & the EconomyHow the Economy is Helping the Church

We have just experienced (and are still recovering from) what economists are referring to as the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. It has affected every family, business, community, and church. Across the country the loss of jobs, personal income, real estate values, and personal portfolios have been the norm. For many cities, the local church has lost members, leaders, donors, and now exists in shrinking communities. Even high capacity churches continue to move forward, yet the numeric and financial growth pace is much slower.

However, there has also been another set of norms that are positively contributing to a refocused church. Over the past several years there have been consistent patterns that I am seeing in all size churches across the country. And those that are cooperating with these dynamics are striving forward for kingdom impact in fresh ways. One blog post is not enough room to detail the stories, but here are just a few dynamics church leaders are embracing on this journey…

  • The church is being re-visioned and restructured.
  • Both church staff and church strategies are becoming more streamlined.
  • There is greater engagement of bi-vocational and volunteer staff.
  • Churches are seeing growth in local missional living and other missional strategies.
  • Expenses are being prioritized around the mission.
  • Expansion strategies are being explored beyond building limitations.
  • All size churches are making dramatic kingdom impact in a variety of settings.

God is always in charge of life and his kingdom.  As your community, church, and staff have been challenged over the past few years, be encouraged, bold, and creative.  God is at work in new ways.

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