July 25th, 2016

Free Generosity Message Outline

sending support light bulbRecently I had the opportunity to dust off my preaching shoes. I have not spoken in a Sunday morning worship service in at least six years, so lend me a little grace if you do not mind. Thank you to Pastor Chuck Carter and the people of FBC Windermere, FL – I had a blast!

Let me begin with a little insight into FBC Windermere, FL. Despite being landlocked for years, the church continues to creatively expand its reach. They have five services, three unique worship styles, and two different physical locations that are a 10-minute drive apart. This includes both live and video venues along with an online campus. To learn more about FBC Windermere visit their website here: www.fbcwindermere.com.

For many pastors, generosity is a challenging subject. I will not go into all the reasons, because you already know them. However, I am passionate about this topic and thought my talk on “God’s Big Prosperous Dream” could help open some new windows of opportunity for you. Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has a dream for your life and Proverbs 11 contains key insights into how God’s dream for your life and generosity are linked.

I have attached the outline for you along with a link to watch the video.




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I have recently partnered with LifeWay to co-create Generous Life, a five-week stewardship emphasis to help guide you toward creating a culture of gospel-centered generosity in your church. Generous Life is available at http://auxa.no/29Uy1Le as a digital download.

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