December 12th, 2013

Campaign Results Worth the Wait

Legacy Project logoIn our fast-pace, ever-changing society, learning to wait is a long lost art. However, in a county seat town, sometimes that is what is required to succeed. First Baptist Church in Cordele, GA purchased acreage in 2001 with the thoughts of launching “one church in two locations.” Only there was a snag: a 51/49 split vote – not on the acreage purchase, but on the ministry model. So, the wait for clarity began.

Over a decade later, the city, schools, roads, and commercial expansion have developed around the property. It is now near ground zero at the intersection of 4 counties. The land is paid for and now the vision becomes even clearer: the church is to relocate and launch a much-needed regional ministry model.

This would be both a challenging and amazing journey to relocate this historic church to its new future home. “The Legacy Project” was born to help navigate the course. It began with crafting compelling language around the vision to help guide the process. A second worship service would be launched. The vision would be branded and the congregation engaged in a life-changing discipleship journey.

Now, it wasn’t all downhill from there. Obstacles were assumed as people processed this bold venture, but no one would have expected a robbery at the church, multiple break-ins at the pastor’s house, or emergency surgery of the pastor’s son. (FYI, these are not normal campaign happenings!) In spite of these challenges, the church experienced incredible results.

When asked what was the return on investment beyond the dollars raised, Pastor Ray Sullivan said, “Vision Clarity was #1. I thought I had it, but boy did we need it.” He added, “I understood vision, but did not know how to articulate it. Now our people are getting it.” This was just the beginning. There was a 10% increase in worship attendance, 20% in small groups, new guests increased, and a stronger desire to engage in spontaneous one-on-one discipleship among the men. This all bolstered confidence among the leadership and the expectation that God wanted to do even greater things. Oh yeah, they even exceeded their financial goals, cleared their land, and will be in their new location next year. It was worth the wait.

Video animation of FBC Cordele’s new campus

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