May 7th, 2012

Called to a Spiritual Journey, Part 3

journey_bwIn the end, the Stewardship and Leadership journey is really about the The Visionary Journey.

Ezra contains a great story of the people of God waiting for the call to return to their land and fulfill his vision. Only they are going to need a series of miracles, help from outside sources, and a ton of endurance. God does his work as usual, calling his people to a journey. He engages the resources of outside governments and paves the way for his spiritual work. As the willing people return to their homeland and begin construction, they are met with tremendous opposition. This causes them to quit on the plan for a long period of time.

Years later God calls forth the vision again through his prophets, Haggai and Zechariah. He restores the path of resources, engages his people, and enables them to see it through. However, the vision is not complete this time with just a structure. As a matter of fact, the structure is less grand than before and the real work of redemption occurs in the heart of God’s people (Ezra 8-10).

“I said to them, “You as well as these articles are consecrated to the LORD. The silver and gold are a freewill offering to the LORD, the God of your fathers. Guard them carefully until you weigh them out in the chambers of the house of the LORD in Jerusalem before the leading priests and the Levites and the family heads of Israel. Then the priests and Levites received the silver and gold and sacred articles that had been weighed out to be taken to the house of our God in Jerusalem.”
Ezra 8:28-30 (NIV)

Scripture repeatedly tells the redemptive story of God reaching out towards his creation through his called leaders and people. It is an ancient story that contains timeless truths and principles for the modern church.

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