April 30th, 2012

Called to a Spiritual Journey, Part 2

journey_bwThe Leadership Journey can be clearly seen in the construction of Solomon’s Temple in 1 Chronicles 28.

God has clearly spoke to his leader David about the permanent structure to be built so God’s people can meet with him and reveal him to their world. Only David is not to complete the construction, his son Solomon will have that privilege. This will call David to share the vision with Solomon and for Solomon to lead the people, not simply to be excited about it, but to actually own it. This ownership will result in more engaged leaders and people in the redemptive mission of God.

It will also call them to great sacrifice of time, talents, and treasure. The leaders lead (1 Chron. 29) and the people follow. The result is that God’s Temple is completed and through this structure his eternal work is expanded. It would have been easy for God’s leaders to short cut the process and the people could have resisted the need for a new facility because the Tabernacle had worked for years. They could have also exchanged God’s vision for a less costly vision. However, the people of God did not repeat the sins of the past. The leadership journey is incredibly important to the process.

Scripture repeatedly tells the redemptive story of God reaching out towards his creation through his called leaders and people. It is an ancient story that contains timeless truths and principles for the modern church.

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