October 15th, 2014

7 Campaign Season Practices for Multi-site Leaders

Bryan Rose

Bryan Rose

(This is a guest post by Bryan Rose, Auxano Navigator)

One of the most exciting times to be in church leadership is during the big-vision season of a campaign. It can also be one of the most challenging, especially in a multi-site context. The need for unity, alignment and agreement across ministries, across campuses and even across town calls for every staff member to go above and beyond the norm to ensure clarity of vision. This is especially true in the first-chair leadership role of the Senior Pastor and the second-first-chair position of Campus Pastors.

Here are seven campaign season practices for multi-site church leaders:

Senior Pastor, Multiply Yourself by setting clear expectations and equipping campus pastors to lead with the same passionate effectiveness as you would.
Campus Pastor, Humble Yourself by remembering the weight of the vision your Senior Pastor carries and follow his lead. This is not the season to foster campus autonomy.

Senior Pastor, Create Something for Everyone by crafting campaign initiatives that speak to each campus, even if only one carries the primary focus.
Campus Pastor, Celebrate Everything for Someone by sharing of big plans at other campuses, people give big to vision that is bigger.

Senior Pastor, Speak to the Campus by going the extra mile to speak campaign vision into the context or personality of each campus during this season.
Campus Pastor, Speak for the Church by going the extra mile to reiterate the campaign vision of how God is using the whole church to impact people’s eternity.

Senior Pastor, Sow Vision by diligently tilling and seeding the vision soil… continually drip vision remembering that people aren’t really hearing it, until you are tired of saying it.
Campus Pastor, Reap Stories by diligently watering and harvesting the stories of how the vision is coming to life at your campus. Grab a smartphone camera and play them back at the next staff meeting.

Senior Pastor, Map the Journey by charting the course from start to finish, and building confidence by revealing the plans up front.
Campus Pastor, Guide the Progress by measuring each step and making real-time adjustments to keep the campus on track and progressing.

Senior Pastor, Get Outside the Lines by dreaming bigger, communicating bolder and leading stronger than at any other time.
Campus Pastor, Stay Inside the Lines by avoiding the “next project will be ours” insinuations, remembering it is always better to under promise and over deliver.

Senior Pastor, Go There First by living the sacrificial vision you are laying before the people. They can sense when you are not all-in.
Campus Pastor, Go There First, too by living the sacrificial vision you are laying before the people. They can sense when you are not all-in.

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